“One citizen of Russia was sentenced to life imprisonment, nineteen Ukrainians, one Russian and three Belarusians were sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment,” the FM of Ukraine spokesman reported.

The Libyan military court has sentenced nineteen Ukrainians to 10 years of imprisonment on the charges that they worked to repair military equipment for the ex-leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi.
In addition, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians were found guilty of renovation of military equipment, including surface-to-air missiles planned to be used against the NATO aircraft.
“The defense of the sentenced is to lodge an appeal to the Supreme Military Court in Tripoli. Ukraine will do its best to make reconsider the sentence,” the FM spokesman reported on Monday.

As a reminder, in the beginning of 2011, the armed units of the National Transitional Council of Libya detained more than 20 citizens of Ukraine on suspicion of military aiding to Gaddafi.

The FM of Ukraine stated the detained are the citizens of Ukraine, the engineers working in a Libyan oil company on a contract basis.


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