The BBC should apologize for a video clip "Stadiums of Hate", Foreign Ministry's spokesman Oleh Voloshyn told Channel 5 on Tuesday.

"I believe BBC must apologize for this film, which portrays Ukraine and Poland as countries of hatred and racism. BBC has edited a whole film from single pictures and drawn wrong conclusions," the official said.

Voloshyn also noted that the issue of racism had not been discussed at the official level. On the contrary, Ukrainian officials have considered measures to secure Ukrainians from British fans, known for their aggression and racist moods, he added.

According to the official, the given series of episodes may be a deliberate provocation, initiated by British football clubs' representatives, who want to keep 'big football' within the Western Europe.
In the video clip BBC Panorama reveals evidence of racist violence and anti-Semitism at the heart of Polish and Ukrainian football. Reporter Chris Rogers witnesses a group of Asian fans being attacked on the terraces of a Ukrainian premier league match and hears anti-Semitic chanting at games in Poland.

Panorama also suggests Ukraine has a special far right group which recruits and trains football hooligans to attack foreigners.


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