Hardly any time left before the next parliament elections, scheduled for October 31, and speaker Volodymyr Lytyvn proposed the parliament to dissolve.

The speaker noted that the institution of parliament and the Verkhovna Rada itself fully degraded.

"In current situation I proposed to take a political decision on voluntarily dissolution. It is impossible to observe this ugliness. The parliament should stop torturing the country."

The proposition has not been even considered by the faction leaders, and the Party of Regions believes that Lytyvn's statement is just a performance to earn some points on the eve of the elections. According to Party of Regions faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov, Lytyvn is rather promoting his party than solving the issue. "We've already had the parliament dissolved, but it has not brought any positive changes."

ForUm has asked MPs and experts on whether the parliament should be dissolved and what legal consequences will follow:

Ivan Popesku, MP from the Party of Regions:

- We have three session weeks left, which is about 30 working days. Lytyvn's proposition makes no sense. We still have important draft bills pending...

Besides, it is time to think about the state budget for the next year and to adopt a number of laws required by the European Union. I believe that in that very situation Lytyvn simply broke down. MPs in their turn should use every possibility to work, not to avoid performing their duties.

Oles Doniy, MP from Our Ukraine faction:

- The Verkhovna Rada of this convocation is no longer a parliament as it should be. Deputies make illegal decisions, cheat and violate the procedure. In other words, the parliament malfunctions, as MPs ignore the very duties of this legislation body.

The situation may change only through a revolution or power update. I stand for a peaceful reboot. The sooner we have honest parliament the better for the people of Ukraine. If it is not idle disputes I am all in favour of parliament's dissolution.

Petro Symonenko, MP, leader of the Communist party of Ukraine:

- The composition of the parliament must be changes, as the problems remain unsolved. At the same time we understand that early elections require expenses and proper organization. I believe this was just an emotional statement, nothing more.

Viktor Nebozhenko, political scientists, chairman of "Ukrainian barometer" social service:

- Volodymyr Lytyvn understands that MPs will never support such proposition, and that the President will never take responsibility to announce the dissolution. That's why he made such statement so easily, fearing no consequences.

Lytyvn, as well as all other MPs, wants to win seats in the parliament and uses the parliamentary rostrum for this purpose. Latest months the parliament has been used as a propaganda machine.

But I doubt that MPs will obtain any results from this, because the people no longer listen to declarations of our parliamentarians. The MPs are like that boy from a fairy tale, who cried "wolf".

Taras Berezovetsk, political scientists, director of "Berta Communications" consulting company:

- There will be no early elections, as it conflicts with the logic of the power. Party of Regions candidates have not started the pre-election campaign yet, while Lytyvn's nominees started to work with the voters already in summer of 2011.

Lytyvn's "People's party" is interested in early elections, as it is more prepared to the election than its rivals. Lytyvn, as a politician with 20-year experience, understands that the society's demand for dissolution of the parliament is high. He just took an advantage of the situation and made this statement. But to my opinion, this attempt was not very successful.

Serhiy Sas, MP from BYuT faction:

- The Constitution of Ukraine clearly says that if parliament fails to gather for plenary session within 30 days the President has a right to dissolve the parliament. But I doubt the President will use this right. Everybody knows that election process during summer vacations is doomed to failure.

The parliament does not have other legal possibilities for dissolution. May be Lytyvn knows a secret, but most probably he made this statement in the heat of the moment. In reality neither he nor other MPs are interested in dissolution of the parlaiment.


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