The Board chairman of the Oshchadbank Serhiy Podrezov is sure of national currency stability and sees no preconditions for UAH devaluation.

There are several macroeconomic factors speaking in favor of hryvnia stability. First, it is a stable improvement of country's balance of payment and sufficient gold and forex reserves. Serhiy Podrezov is sure that the National Bank of Ukraine has enough reserves to reduce the sharp fluctuations and prevent the devaluation of the national currency.

Currently the Oschadbank implements the social initiatives of the President of Ukraine Yanukovych, in particular the compensations to the USSR Savings Bank depositors. Considering the positive experience of the Oschadbank in implementing the government programs (including the implementation of the compensation payments), the banker is sure that the Oschadbank will ensure continuous implementation of the presidential social initiatives. Moreover, the banker considers that payments will pass under exchange rate stability of the national currency.


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