Ukraine will follow its course of European integration, as it is the will of the majority of its citizens, the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador José Manuel Pinto Teixeira told a press conference in Sevastopol.

From 28 to 30 May Ambassador José Manuel Pinto Teixeira together with EU Member States’ Ambassadors will launch two new EU-funded projects on investment promotion and tourism development in Crimea. 

"Today's practice proves that our cooperation continues. We are convinced that Ukraine will keep its course towards European integration, as it is the will of its people. And we are here for the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is a part of Europe, but to become the EU member the Ukrainian authorities must start sharing the main European values and principles," the official said.

The Head of the EU Mission pointed out once again that one of the EU principal positions regarding the Association Agreement with Ukraine is "not to use the justice system for any of political purposes."

Teixeira also noted that "the EU is the largest investor in the most regions of the world." He urged the Ukrainian government to create conditions for investors. "To help Sevastopol and other Ukrainian regions, the government must make necessary reformations to create favorable conditions for European investors and investors from other regions," Teixeira said.

In Sevastopol the EU-funded project will help set up a fully operational Investment Promotion Agency,identify “Investment Success Stories” and help the city build an image as an attractive city for doing business. With € 1,9 mln budget, and over two years, the project thus aims to attract Foreign Direct Investment to Sevastopol.

The project in Yalta aims to improve the efficiency of authorities in the field of tourism and related sectors of the economy. Aiming to attract tourists and promote the socio-economic development of the peninsula, the three year, € 5 mln. project will develop a competitive sustainable tourism, a sustainable mechanism for improving resorts' quality, and diversify tourist products and quality of services in Crimea.


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