Foreign Ministry of Ukraine believes that European politicians will not boycott the final matches of Euro-2012 tournament, being held in Ukraine, head of the liaison department of the Foreign Ministry Oleh Voloshyn told a briefing commenting on no decision made during yesterday's meeting of EU council on foreign affairs.

Voloshyn also expressed Ukraine's gratitude to those politicians who spoke against the boycott and who said that any kind of Ukraine's isolation will harm the development of democracy in Ukraine and will not solve the problems existing between the partners.

"If to speak about the invitation, we have not invited anybody, as the Ukrainian authorities have a limited quota for invitations. It is national federations, who are in charge. And if a German politician is invited, but refuses to come, he refuses the invitation from his own football federation, not from the President of Ukraine," Voloshyn added.

According to the official, Ukraine's FM is surprised with boycott announcements by the countries, which have failed to enter the final part of the championship.

"It looks like I am boycotting the birthday party I have not been even invited to," he added.


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