The majority of residential areas, which suffered the results of the Chernobyl disaster, can now function without limitations regarding the radiation factor.

The radioactive contamination of the environment on these territories has decreased and the radiological situation has improved, chairman of the State agency on alienation zone Volodymyr Holosha told a briefing, ForUm learned from the governmental portal.

According to the official, there are 2293 residential areas of 12 regions of Ukraine, currently classified as zones of radioactive contamination.

Holosha noted that for the years passed since the Chernobyl disaster the natural process and counter measures, taken to reduce radioactive contamination of the area, have improved the radiological situation. The results of the radiation-measuring certification, held last year, revealed that the majority of residential areas can function without limitation regarding the radiation factor.

"Fortunately, the situation shows that the majority of residential areas can be inhabited without limitation regarding the radiation factor and can be used for social and economic development. This is positive news," he said.

According to Holosha, the law forbids living on the territory on the Chernobyl zone, but the government is now considering the conception of activity in the alienation zone, including the use of its territories for economic needs.

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