The sociological service of the Razumkov Center held a national poll, as well as a number of focus-groups with owners of land shares and farmers with the aim of finding out positions of citizens and the designated target groups. An analysis of received data shows that the Ukrainian society is not ready for implementation of the farm land market and does not believe in sincere power's intention to raise village residents' wellbeing, UKRINFORM reports.

“As returns of the Razumkov Center's poll show, as of February 2012, about 52% of land share owners farmed them out, at the same time, only 7% of them are fully satisfied with the lease terms, instead 7% knows nothing about who is their land tenant, 36% - does knows nothing about how much land tenants will pay them,” Director of the Razumkov Center sociological service Andriy Bychenko notes.

He also adds that at the same time, a right of village toilers for private land ownership (shares) is not full, since they are not able to alienate it in any way, except for succession and/or the sale for state or public needs. Respectively, nobody can legally purchase farm lands. Such a situation formally is a consequence of a moratorium for the purchase/sale of farm lands, introduced actually in 1992. But it remains in operation until now, i.e. over 20 years now,” Bychenko stresses.

He also notes that respondents point out to incompleteness of legislative and organizational prerequisites of the market introduction, as well as to financial inconsistency of many small and medium-size farmers to compete with large land owners in case of abolishment of the moratorium for the purchase-sale of farm lands. Hence, fear of monopolization of the agrarian sector and further impoverishment of the Ukrainian village.

“Among supporters of private ownership for farm lands, 20 percent have quite negative attitude to possibility of the purchase/sale of those lands. Availability of considerable warnings as regards the land purchase/sale determines positive attitude of almost half (47% of the interviewed) of Ukrainian citizens toward the existing moratorium for the sale of farm lands,” the specialist explains.

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