The Party of Regions has headed the political party ranking, defeating Batkivshchyna by a narrow margin. Five parties would clear the 5% parliamentary election hurdle.

These are the results of the study conducted by the sociological group Rating on March 15-26, the group reported on its website, according to UKRINFORM.

"If elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine took place in March this year, 21.3% of respondents (among those who would go to the polls) would vote for the Party of Regions, 20.9% for Batkivshchyna, 9.9% for Front for Change, 7.4% for the Communist Party, 7.2% for Vladimir Klitschko's UDAR party, and 4.3% for Svoboda. Another 2.7% of voters would support Civic Position and 1.5% People's Party," the report reads.

Sociologists point out that if parliamentary elections were held in March, 42% of respondents would definitely and another 33% probably go to the polls. Against this background, the increase in the number of undecided on their political choice is noticeable: after withdrawal of the answer Against All from the questionnaire (7.9% of the respondents in February), the number of undecided increased from 13.9% to 17.7%.

Compared with February, Batkivshchyna rankings grew by 1.3%, while the Party of Regions' by 3.1%. As regards the ruling party, its positions "improved largely thanks to absorption of Serhiy Tihipko's Strong Ukraine. This has helped the Party of Regions to lead the ranking by a narrow margin," Rating says.

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