Ukraine is considering the variant of reverse use of a part of its gas transportation system, which would allow importing gas in Ukraine from the EU. According to Ukrainian weekly "Zerkalo nedeli", Ukraine wants to purchase three million cubic meters of gas from German's RWE energy firm per day to reduce its dependence on Russian gas.

"Naftogaz Ukraine plans to sign a short-term contract with Germany's RWE to deliver spot gas, bought in Europe, through Slovakian pipelines to Ukraine. The signing is likely to happen in the nearest future," the paper said.

According to the reports, Ukraine held talks with Turkey and Bulgaria to deliver liquefied natural gas from Turkish storage facilities through the Bulgarian gas transportation system.

Turkey and Bulgaria have no objections. Bulgaria has modernized its GTS and built parallel pipes, by which gas can be transported to Romania. Hence, if Ukraine agrees with Romania, reverse gas supplies can be technically arranged, the paper reports.

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