President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has started a program on checking activities of state officials, firing those who neglect their direct obligations.

"The main tasks set by the president are to follow the life of a community, to meet needs of every citizen, to solve their problems and to create comfortable conditions for living. However, not every state official has heard this president's requirement and those, who heard has not followed. Hence, the president has ordered to investigate into activity of those local self-governments, about which citizens complain the most," deputy head of the President's Administration Stanislav Skubashevski stated, FoUm learned from the presidential press office.

According to the official, the most questionable districts are Olshanskaya district state administration of Kirovograd region, headed by Gennady Ivanov, and Chernihivska district administration of Zaporizhzhzya regions headed by Arkadiy Brus, now both dismissed.

The investigation into activities of the mentioned officials has revealed that Ivanov repeatedly misused budget resources, illegally leasing land of total area of 894.6 hectares. Results of rating estimation for 2011 showed that Olshanski district worsened its economic figures in the majority of spheres, and took the last place in the rating of districts of the region.

"Arkadiy Brus has failed to improve social and economic situation in his district. Under his governance the level of unemployment increased and exceeded three times the average figure of the region and arrears of wages increased by 2.5 times, while budget expenses for nutrition in schools and medical institutions reduced two times comparing to the average figure of the region," Skubashevski infromed.

"The president is ready to provide every possibility for effective work, but will not tolerate ignorance and negligence of state officials," the official added.

For the period of 2010-2011 ten out of 502 heads of district state administrations were brought to criminal responsibility and dismissed from their positions.

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