Introduction of energy saving and energy efficient technologies and development of domestic gas production will enable Ukraine to reduce import of Russian gas at least twofold, National Security and Defense Council secretary Andriy Kluyev said in an interview with Euronews, ForUm learned from the NSDC press office.

According to the official, energy saving and energy efficiency is one of the questions of national security. "We import gas at the highest price in Europe, and of course it hurts our economy and budget sphere," Kluyev said.

At the same time the NSDC secretary noted that the high gas price stimulates Ukrainian enterprises, including housing and communal services, to implement energy saving technologies.

Kluyev reminded that Ukraine jointly with the European Union has launched a pilot project in Ukraine to try and increase the country’s energy efficiency. This has a high political as well as economic value, as it could help Ukraine become more energy independent and less subject to outside energy interference.

Ten municipalities in total will get an EU-funded renovated building. The project concentrates on small towns around the country, and should be providing results by the end of the year. "Having analyzed the future results we would see whether it is expedient to cover all the country with such programs," Kluyev said.

"In addition, we are developing domestic production of energy sources, including gas extraction on the Black Sea and Azov shelf, shale gas extraction from the two biggest deposits, Yuzovskaya and Olesskaya areas; extraction of marsh gas, coal, oil and other energy sources," Kluyev specified.

According to the official, relevant bodies has already announced a tender of investors, which will be engaged into extraction of gas on the territory of Ukraine. Kluyev reminded that a number of international companies, including Chevron, ExxonMobil, ENI and Shell, have shown interest and readiness to invest into gas extraction.

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