In February Ukraine siphoned off Russian gas, aimed for European consumers, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller declared on Wednesday.

"On certain days Ukraine kept up to 40 billion c m of Russian natural gas, and this caused financial and reputation damage to Gazprom," Miller told President Dmitry Medvedev, according to RIA Novosti.

Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Boiko said this January that Ukraine was seeking to cut Russian gas imports to 27 billion cu m from 52 bcm. Gazprom reacted then by saying the current contract did not stipulate unilateral changes in gas purchase volumes.

Several European countries said in early February they had faced shortfalls in Russian natural gas supplies, as a severe cold spell hit Europe.

Medvedev ordered Miller to take measures to solve the issue. "Sort out [the issue] in terms of corporate and civil procedures," the president said.

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