The essence of the land reform is to make land a real property, president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said at the meeting of the Council of regions, ForUm's correspondent reports.

"We can feel that the issue of the land reform has reached the highest level, and it is not occasional. The land for Ukrainians is sacred value, guarantee of economic freedom," Yanukvych said.

According to the president, the essence of the land reform must be explained to farmers, land owners and land tenants. "The land must finally become a real property," he said and added that shadow land turnover in Ukraine plays against interests of the people.

At the same time the president expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow pace of preparations for the land reform in Ukraine.

"There's an extremely slow pace of preparations for the land reform at all levels, first of all, at the regional level," Yanukovych said and added it was necessary to ensure the drafting of schemes on the management, use and protection of land that will help predict the use of land resources.

"Unfortunately, such schemes have currently been drafted only in Donetsk and Odesa regions," Yanukovych said.

"We must not forget that the ultimate goal of the reform is not only the delimitation of land, but also the observance of the real right of land ownership and the development of modern agricultural production," Yanukovych summed up.

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