Deputy of Pustomytov district council, Lviv region, being drunk broke the windshield and damaged the front wing of a patrol traffic police car, ForUm learned from the press office of Lviv department of traffic police.

"On February 12, near Lisichini town, traffic police officers on duty tried to stop a car "VAZ-21099", motion pattern of which made them think the driver was not in the condition to drive. In response to the demand to stop the car the driver speeded up and tried to escape. After a short race the car was stopped. The driver, 41-year-old resident of Lviv was drunk and could not express himself clearly," the report says.
When the traffic police officers tried to put the driver in the patrol car a passenger of VAZ attacked the patrol car, throwing himself on the motor hood, broke the windshield and damaged the front wing.

After his chaotic actions the passenger resisted the arrest, threatening the officers with bodily harm and dismissal. The passenger also claimed he was a deputy of Pustomytov district council and demonstrated his certificate, issued on November 2010.

Having arrested the hooligan the traffic police officers called for a response unit and checked the blood alcohol content. The driver's blood alcohol level was 1.6 promille, while the level of the passenger was not published.

Prosecution of the Pustomytov district is holding investigation into the incident.

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