Chairman of the parliament Volodymyr Lytyvn believes that 5% vote threshold is not fair towards small parties. Lytyvn told ForUm that due to 5% vote threshold a considerable number of voters will not get their representatives in the parliament, as votes of those people who vote for small parties under the threshold will be distributed among those political forces which manage to overpass the threshold.

"The parties of high rating stand against the amendments to the law on elections, and not because they are happy with the law, but because they don't want to reduce the vote threshold. Such parties have already calculated the percentage they would get at the expense of small parties. Current parliament has more than 30 deputies, who got their mandates at the expense of parties, which did not pass the threshold at the last elections," Lytvyn said.

The speaker believes that leaders of the parliamentary race are not interested in amendments to the electoral legislation. At the same time he expressed assurance that parliamentary elections of 2017 would be held on majoritarian base, and then the vote threshold would not matter.

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