Due to sever frost, -20C, and strong wind 86 schools of Zaporizhzhya region have been closed and another 39 schools have cancelled classes for lower grades, head of the Zaporizhhzya education department of the regional state administration Oleksandr Verozubov informed.

"Classes in 86 schools were cancelled for all pupils and in 39 schools only for lower grades. All schools were closed in Velokobelozerskom, Pologovski and Priazovski districts and in Berdyask city. Pupils of lower grades do not study in Berdyanksi, Zaporizhski and Kamenko-Dnepopetrovski districts of Zaporizhzhzya region," the official specified.

According to Verozubov, a number of districts of Zaporizhzhzya region also have problems with collecting children and bringing them to schools due to snow flushes or breakdown of school busses.


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