Ministry on regional development, construction and housing has decided to ban disposable plastic bags. If its proposition is adopted, small disposable plastic bags, which can be taken free of charge in supermarkets, may disappear from our life forever.

The ministry has worked out a draft bill, which bans production, import and distribution of plastic bags with volume less than 20 liters and less than 0.025 mm think. Offenders will be fined at the amount up to 1700 hryvnias. The draft bill is under consideration now and soon will be submitted to the parliament. In case of adoption the law will come into force in 2013.

The main goal of the draft bill is to minimize waste. "Bags are carried away by wind, they block up rain pipes and stream channels, which lead to floods. When such bags decompose they produce toxins and cancerogene, which may cause various diseases," head of the Ministry's department on communal services Oleksandr Ignatenko said and added that EU countries, including France, Italy, Spain, and Japan have already banned such bags.

The specialist noted that people can easily do without such bags. "Average period of 'life' of such bags is 20 minutes, while the period of decomposition is 200 years. Usually buyers arrange the products in such bags in supermarkets, but after coming home throw them away. Besides, we do not prohibit biobags, which decompose within a month and do not leave any harmful substances after," he added.

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