Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov believes that salaries at 5-7 thousand hryvnias, which is more than in Greece or Poland, can be considered of the European level.

In particular, the Premier told journalists that this morning he visited one of the modern enterprises near Kyiv, which is holding modernization now, and that enables the enterprise to increase salaries for its employees.

"I asked the workers there what their salary was, and in response I heard: from five to seven thousand hryvnias," Azarov specified and added that average salary in Ukraine is 2.8 thousand hryvnias.

"What is seven thousand? It is more than in Greece, for example, and Poland has more or less the same," Azarov noted.

According to the PM, with the salary of 5-7 thousand hryvnias it is possible to solve the housing problem, as such salary enables to get long-term credits.

At the same time Azarov underlined that only modernization of enterprises will allow increasing the level of salaries in the country.

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