Starting from December 2 Chernobyl alienation zone is again opened for visitors. The corresponding decree has been published in the 'Official messenger of Ukraine'.

Volodymyr Holosha, the head of the state agency on Chernobyl zone management, declared that the matter does not concern tourist tours through tour operators, but in accordance with the right on obtaining information Ukrainian citizens can directly apply to the state agency on Chernobyl zone management to get a visiting permission.

According to Holosha, the new rules also concern foreign visitors, as many Chernobyl projects are being financed by foreign countries.

Now an application for visit must be submitted 10 days before the actual visit with a number of documents, including citizenship, place of living, goal, time and date of the visit and medical certificate. An applicant will also have to name the objects for visit and specify the amount of information he wants to acquaint with.

Among the possible reasons to deny a visit are minority, incomplete or false information, unfavorable weather conditions, emergency situations or suspicions of terrorist activity.

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