MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament Member Bogusław Liberadzki stated that Resolution, adopted by the European Parliament on the 1st of December 2011, is very positive and opens the doors for future membership negotiations.

“This resolution first of all stresses the importance of Ukraine in terms of its location, population, resources of the country. It is also important in the regions as the regional actor,” Bogusław Liberadzki stressed, ForUm learned from the press office of the Party of Region.

According to him, the EP Resolution shows that Europe sees: state leadership of Ukraine confirmed its committed to European integration and its long-term ambition to enable Ukraine to become the EU member-state. “Because there were some doubts whether President Yanukovych will keep pro-European or pro-Russian. Finally, it is clarified. Ukraine and the Party of Regions are very much oriented towards better future of Ukraine and pro-European solutions,” the MEP argued.

“Next, what is, I think, important, you have made a major progress in terms of fighting corruption, frauds and also introduced major reforms, including taxation. So, this Association road has been opened,” he added.

According to Bogusław Liberadzki, the EP Resolution will become an impetus for crucial modernization of Ukraine in terms of economic system, financial system, human rights and everything, used to call European standards. “So, we have got open the road for ratification process. At the European Parliament and national parliaments it could be fulfilled not later than during 6-8 month,” the MEP noted.

According to Bogusław Liberadzki, the EP Resolution will also become an impetus for deepening cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in different spheres, especially in energy sector.

“We also expect some changes in international trade solutions,” he added.

“We declare the willingness to make facilitations in visa-regime up to free visa regime in quite close future,” Bogusław Liberadzki informed.

“And what is important also that in this Resolution, it is stated clearly that we appreciate Ukraine was under Russian pressure, quite strong pressure, and we appreciate your choice made in such circumstances. We do believe that it is everything true, what has being declared by President Yanukovych, by the Party of Regions, by Ukrainian state, by Ukrainian Parliament in terms of the future road map for Ukraine,” the MEP summed up.

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