Investment gold coins will become an alternative of foreign currency as means of store of value for population, NBU official Viktor Nesterenko told a session of the NBU board, ForUm correspondent reports.

NBU intends to issue unlimited circulation of investment coins of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum). Purchase and sale of investment coins will be made at the price of precious metals with a small margin. The operations will not be taxed with VAT.

Prime cost of coins will be significantly lower of the precious metal the yare made of, which makes it inexpedient to use them as payment means. Hence, such coins will become an investment object, Nesterenko explained.

Initially, with the purpose of study of demand, it is planned to issue 1500 gold coins, weighting one ounce, and 3000 gold coins, weighting ¼ ounce, as well as 10 000 silver coins, weighting one ounce.

Nesterenko also underlined that the goal of this initiative is to improve investment climate of the state, to develop the market of precious metals and to provide alternative for saving of investments. Having real value, precious metals are more resistant to inflation processes, NBU official summed up.

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