President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is concerned over the problem of private archeological collections and unauthorized diggings in Ukraine.

"Ukraine has an urgent problem of maintaining cultural values, including archeological objects. The major part of archeological values is in private collections, and we can reasonably assume that the majority of objects got there due to unauthorized diggings," Yanukovych told the Public humanitarian council, ForUm correspondent reports.

The President stated as a fact that the demand for artifacts is growing, and the net of illegal obtaining by means of destruction of archeological sites is spreading.

"I think we should find a balance of interests among the society, state and private collectors in order to preserve archeological heritage," Yanukovych underlined saying the practice of "black" archeology is unacceptable.

According to the President it is necessary to put private archeological collections into scientific circulations, so museum funds of Ukraine can use them.

Yanukovych also stands for changes to the legislation proposing to include such collections into the list of state heritage. "It is necessary to relegate private archeological collections to the governmental museum fund of Ukraine, to establish management regulations and to introduce sanctions for refusal to register archeological objects.

The President also added first it is necessary to finish audit of cultural heritage in Ukraine. "I expect the Ministry of Culture will finish it as fast as possible," Yanukovych summed up.

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