MP of Ukraine from the Party of Regions Vladyslav Zabarskyi, member of the parliamentary commission on elaboration of the new election legislation, believes that mixed electoral system will enable new politicians to enter the parliament.

According to the MP, mixed electoral system, which gives an opportunity to be elected by majority districts, will enable new politicians unknown yet to the public to enter the Parliament.

"It will provide the independent candidates with an opportunity to be elected by majority districts. Besides, this point was welcomed by the Venice Commission," Vladyslav Zabarskyi said during the Internet conference at the Party of Regions website.

He noted that almost 200 political parties existing today in Ukraine represent the interests of not more than 2% of voters. "But what about those politicians, who want to exercise the right to be elected in the parliament and to work there, who are confident that they are ready for such work, but do not want to associate themselves with any political force? There are enough non-governmental organizations, which have people's support in regions. So I think that with the help of mixed electoral system these new forces have an opportunity to enter the parliament," Vladyslav Zabarskyi summed up.

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