Kyiv held the fifth stage of selection of UEFA volunteers. UEFA ambassador and world box champion Vitaly Klichko and UEFA Euro-2012 director in Ukraine Markian Lubkiwski took part in the selection test, ForUm correspondent reports.

Vitaly tested 10 candidates for their knowledge of foreign languages and estimated their interest in volunteer participation.

"I tried to be unbiased. First of all I looked at their emotionality and knowledge of English. I think girls are doing better, as they are more open and more attractive," Klichko said.

"Volunteer project is a success. For today we have received 21500 applications from 109 countries, and 90% of them are from Poland and Ukraine. To compare, there were 17800 applications registered at the previous championship," Lubkiwski said.

On the total, about six thousands volunteers will help UEFA officials during the championship. Kyiv, in particular, needs 894 volunteers.

According to Lubkiwski, UEFA committee was quite skeptical regarding the quality of selection process in Ukraine. However, now their opinion has changed. The tournament director pointed out the high level of preparedness of all volunteers.

All UEFA volunteers will get a number of advantages, including professional training, insurance, volunteer certificate, free food and beverage during their working hours, souvenirs, Adidas uniform. The results of the selection test will be announced before December. 

At the end of the selection interview Vitaly Klichko presented a surprise for all candidates. All comers had a chance to take a picture with the real Henri Delaunay UEFA cup, which will be handed to a UEFA champion next year. The cup is made of pure silver, weighting 8 kilos. Approximate cost is 25 thousand euro.

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