The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may not ratify the Association Agreement with EU if Ukraine's membership prospects are not mentioned in it, deputy head of VR committee on foreign affairs Leonid Kozhara declared.

"The absence of such reference upsets the balance of political forces in Ukraine concerning European integration and will benefit those who push our country away from Europe," he believes.

"This could have a negative impact on the balance of political forces in Parliament during the Agreement ratification, reinforcing the position of opponents of EU-Ukraine Association. Accordingly, it will be much harder for us to find support in Parliament when the issue will be voted," he said.

Kozhara underlined that Ukraine is interested in signing the Association Agreement with the European Union, including the creation of deep and comprehensive free trade area.

According to him, there is a consensus between the government and the opposition on support of the European integration of Ukraine, with which most citizens agree.

"Therefore it is extremely important for us, such a serious step as the signing of Association Agreement to contain a reference of the European perspective for our state," he said.

In MP's opinion, inclusion of such a point in the agreement will be welcomed in the Ukrainian society and by representatives of leading political forces.

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