The had of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Oleksandr Yefremov proposes to follow the path of European countries, where the parliament passing barrier is 5, 7 or even 10%.

"They have 2+1 ruling system, when one party is in power, another is in opposition and there are other small parties, which struggle for power on their electoral field. If we want such European system we must follow this path and to increase the parliament passing barrier," Yefremov said.

In response to the ForUm's question whether the party has enough votes to increase the barrier up to 5% Yefremov said the MPs had not worked on this issue yet. "We need to calculate and to hold consultations. And we plan to do it today," he said.

Commenting on speaker Lytvyn's refusal to vote for increase of the passing barrier, PR faction leader assumed it says about Lytvyn insecurity in his party's victory on the parliamentary elections.

"The ratings of Lytvyn's party are not very high, and the increase of the passing barrier up to 5% practically leaves him no chance to get to the parliament. It's obvious that small parties or parties with low ratings don't want any passing barrier. But in this case we'll get a flea market rather than the parliament," Yefremov said. 

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