For Ukraine, the reflection of prospects of EU membership is essential in Association Agreement. It has been stressed by the President after the meeting with Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk.

“There is no doubt that Association Agreement is very important for our country. We have insisted and will continue to insist that the prospects of EU membership for Ukraine will be reflected in this agreement,” President Viktor Yanukovych stated.

According to the President, Ukraine understands that during the ratification of signed agreements with the EU this issue will be discussed in the Parliament of every EU member-state. “This issue will be very sensitive for us. I am confident that our European partners and especially our friends in Poland will consider the progress of our country with understanding,” Viktor Yanukovych said.

In return, Prime Minister Donald Tusk has paid attention to the significant recent progress made by Ukraine on their way to European integration. He has particularly emphasized that “a huge optimism” was caused by the last round of negotiations.

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