President Viktor Yanukovych hopes for negotiations on Free Trade Area Agreement to be finished by December of this year, he said in an interview with Ukrainian journalists in Warsaw. "There are some unsettled issues left for discussion. I hope during these two months the wok will be done and a compromise will be found," Yanukovych said.

President Yanukovych noted that the establishment of the overall free trade area between Ukraine and the EU would become a real instrument of national economy and citizens’ welfare improvement.
Yanukovych expressed his confidence that the very preparation for signing the FTA establishment agreement would facilitate the transaction of goods and create new jobs. “We come up to this process deliberately,” Viktor Yanukovych noted, ForUm learned in the presidential press office.

The President also added that associations of Ukrainian manufacturers should also express their opinion regarding the establishment of free trade area between Ukraine and the EU. The President noted that this issue was also mulled over in the course of different forums. “We are already coming to the stage of civil discussions when associations of manufacturers will participate in making a decision on the establishment of free trade area and express their opinion regarding this issue,” Viktor Yanukovych said.

The President added that a few issues are to be solved until the final decision. “But exactly this process makes us closer to our goal. It is not just signing regular bureaucratic document, it is real creation of conditions for the rise of economy and the improvement of citizens’ welfare on that basis,” Yanukovych said.

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