In 7-10 years Ukraine can start exporting gas of own extraction, in particular shale gas,  Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said in the program "Big Politics".

"We are confident in the prospects of our GTS. According to our estimates, as well as to the estimates of companies which have signed or will sign contracts with us, in 7-10 years we will become exporters of gas, in particular shale. And our gas transportation system will pump gas to directions in-demand," the minister said, ForUm learned from the press office of the ministry.

He reminded that Ukraine had already signed a 800 million dollars contract with company 'Shell' on the extraction of unconventional gas.

"And in the next three months we will sign a contract with five other companies, among which are 'EksonMobil', 'RWE', 'Ani'. All these companies have experience in extraction of shale gas or coal bed methane, and it is extremely important for us," Boyko pointed out.

According to him, conservative estimates of foreign companies and agencies say that reserves of shale gas in Ukraine are about five trillion cubic meters.

The Minister also said that a large-scale international conference would be held on September 29 in Kiev with representatives of the European Commission to modernize the Ukrainian GTS, and in November - another international conference on shale gas.

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