Turkmenistan is ready to sell gas to Ukraine at 200 dollars for 1000 cu m, but not before 2015, a source in the presidential delegation to Turkmenistan told "Segodnya" newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Turkmenistan's president Berdymuhamedov is ready to provide rather privileged conditions, up to extraction of gas on Turkmen shelf.

"Even now Ukraine has a possibility to extract five milliard cu m annually, and this gas would cost modest 200 dollars including delivery," the newspaper reports.

However, there is a problem with delivery, as nothing but the Russian pipe line goes through Turkmen territory.

"Alternative pipe is expected in 2015, and gas from this pipe will cost 270 dollars. But besides the construction of a new pipe line, it is needed to build a receiving terminal for liquefied gas, which is also expected in 2015," said the newspaper.


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