Representatives of the state prosecution failed to prove during the trial that her personal interests were the motivation for signing gas contracts with Russia in 2009, Batkivshchyna Party leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said while testifying in court today.

“In the indictment, the state prosecution claims that “the prime minister acted in her personal interests” – this was not proved, the court was given no evidence of intent, and I would like during debate for the court to present evidence and motives,” Yulia Tymoshenko said, according to her official website

Yulia Tymoshenko called the prosecution’s charges that she acted in her personal interests during the gas crisis in 2009 “rubbish insinuations that in a chaotic manner were set forth in the indictment.”

The ex-premier also called unjustified statements by the prosecution that she agreed to sign the contracts despite being aware that the demands of the Russian side were unjustified. “This is a collection of words for which there is no evidence in the case. This claim is false and unsubstantiated,” she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko also called “absurd” the claim by the Prosecutor General’s Office that by signing gas contracts that were disadvantageous for Ukraine she was trying to create “a positive image of an effective leader capable of resolving the gas crisis.”

“I absolutely clearly worked so that the state lived normally, so that people’s needs were met, so that state corporations worked normally. I worked intensely as a politician to create a positive image from my work as prime minister. This is normal for any politician. This can’t be the motive of a crime, it can’t be an intended action of an illegal nature,” she stressed.

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