On Tuesday, the Parliament will decide on the future of the Law on Pension Reform, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn informed at a briefing on Monday, according to rada official portal.

"If everything is alright, tomorrow the Verkhovna Rada will decide on the future of the Law on Pension Reform," he stated. He informed that the draft resolution by People´s Deputies Olha Bodnar and Yurii Karmazin cancel the resolutions adopted in regard to this law. He explained that the resolution was passed at night, when there were not enough People´s Deputies. Along these lines, V.Lytvyn reminded that at that time the Verkhovna Rada decided to work until the bill on pension reform was scrutinized.

At the same time, the Head of the Parliament informed that the Verkhovna Rada received a proposal concerning application of clause 131 of the Standing Orders of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. V.Lytvyn explained that this clause is applied when technical discrepancies or inconsistencies with the Constitution are discovered while preparing the law for signing.  "If the resolution is not passed, four novations regarding the law will be scrutinized at the session hall," he stated. According to the Head of the Parliament, they concern the status of the Pension Fund, the date of enactment of the law on pension reform, and the public servants who were permitted to continue working till 65 years of age. V.Lytvyn stated, "It should be entrenched that those who received such permits should be allowed to work by the end of the permission." Moreover, there is an issue which year should be taken as the basis for calculating the pension.

During a short meeting with the leaders of deputy factions, V.Lytvyn stressed, "It is important to find the way out of the situation, not to destroy the Verkhovna Rada, and not to burn the bridges to find the compromises in the parliament."

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