'Obozreatel' journal informed about possession of some documents from 'BYuT-Batkivshyna' party, proving the fact that ex-premier Yulia Tymohsneko is deliberately simulating disease symptoms in order to avoid arrest.

'Obozrevatel' published a report of first deputy faction chairman Andriy Kozhemiakin to deputy party chairman Oleksandr Turchynov.

"...I believe that Vlasenko's idea to simulate Leader's disease can fail after the first tests, which will lead to negative reports in Mass Media. I consider it also inexpedient to simulate disease of Leader's mother - Mrs Telegina," the document reads.

According to the report, Kozhemiakin proposes to focus on taking blood samples and sending them to "our lab, I told you about before - these specialists have never failed us. After such results the court would have to replace arrest with recognizance."

"I believe it is also necessary to agree with specialist from Health Ministry, so they give public comments about the results and treat them with understanding. We can agree through Vyacheslav Perederia and to stimulate the process with corresponding means," the document reads.

The author of the report considers it necessary to insist on taking blood samples "immediately after the next meeting of lawyer Sukhov with the Leader." "The results we plan can be obtained only if the samples will be taken during 3-7 days after their meeting," he said.

The document also informs about every faction deputy, who visits court hearings to support "the Leader", and who ignores them and why.


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