1. It so happens that the government likes to lock me up for jubilees – Kuchma, Yanukovych. On the 10th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence I was in the Lukyanivka prison, on the 20th anniversary I am again in Lukyanivka. For the 25th anniversary this trend will change! Real criminals, not political prisoners, will be sitting here. Today, we know them by name.

2. Foreign journalists are in Kyiv, they want to write a book. They asked: “Can they release me for at least a couple days so that I can go home?” Perhaps they can. I will ask :)

3. From the prison van I can hear people, I can hear the street. This is the beginning of a new start of the battle for the country’s real freedom. I am confident that this time it will be successful!

4. On the 10th anniversary I thought that on the 20th everything will be ok. That Ukraine would be firmly established as an independent state, that it will be part of the European family. But today Ukraine is in greater danger…It’s an adult…But today, like never before, it needs our protection.

5. I miss Twitter. I never thought that I would miss 140 symbols of freedom most.

6. There are pluses. When you’re free, for example, I would have had to go somewhere to listen to Nina Matvienko, and here Nina Matvienko comes to you :)

7. The democratic opposition forces in Ukraine have united. And I am happy about this. Unfortunately, democrats in Ukraine unite only when things are bad. But that’s ok, I’m certain that we’ll also learn to unite around success and victories.

8. We were sitting at home having dinner and I was asked: “Don’t you want to take a break from politics and just be able to take a stroll down Khreshchatyk in the evening, for example?” I’ve now spent enough time on Khreshchatyk…in the evening, in the morning….There was no escaping politics.

9. In the yard of the Pechersk Court for some reason they’re throwing around fake 200 hryvnia bills with my picture. They say that you can exchange them for two hundred bills – with Yanukovych and Azarov’s faces.

10. Jean-Paul Sartre, a participant of the French resistance movement, said after the war: “We were never as free as during the time of occupation,” – and he was right. We too are occupied by a horde that doesn’t love this country, that doesn’t understand or respect it. We too are free today. Free in jails, in cells, in tents…True freedom and liberty can’t be arrested.

11. Lina Kostenko and Oksana Pakhlovska said that they hope some day I will have a piece of the Lukyanivka prison as a souvenir….That’s a good idea. I’ll start collecting – a souvenir from Lukyanivka, from Mezhyhirya….

12. They haven’t poisoned me with rat poison – that’s a legend….Rats here are quite free. Knowing Ukrainian politics I can say that rats aren’t the worst animals!

13. Olga Fedorivna, my assistant, reproached me for not taking anything with me on August 5 for jail. She said: “Could one think that you didn’t know you’d be arrested?” :)

14. Our deputies come to the courtroom with sad, dramatic faces? Why that kind of mood? Everything will be fine!!!! It’s not advice – it’s an order!

15. There are also birds in Lukyanivka – they sing in the morning….I don’t know what kind of birds they are….They’re not in cages. The arrest hasn’t deprived me of my freedom either, as strange as that may be.

16. In 2002 a Russian television channel made a film about me. We went to the prison and they asked me: “Are you afraid of ending up there again?” I replied: “Well, maybe one more time…” It was a bad joke.

17. The government cancelled the parade for the 20th anniversary of independence. Of course this wasn’t to save money…They just subconsciously fear this country, they fear real independence. For them a parade on the country’s 20th anniversary of independence is a parade of their own fears and complexes. They feel that this country, with its great history and real spirit of freedom, will one day throw them in the trash.

18. I have a yellow and blue ribbon. It was given to me in secret. I’m with you today…even though I’m here. …

19. I’d like to thank Channel 5 for their Independence Day telethon. At critical moments in the new history of Ukraine Channel 5 becomes number one!

20. Congratulations, my dears!!! This is OUR HOLIDAY!!! We will survive, we will win!!! I promise!! I know…

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