Former Major of the State Department of Guard Mykola Melnychenko has sent a statement to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding that it open a criminal case against two former Ukrainian presidents - Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yuschenko, according to Melnychenko's Web site, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

The issue concerns a conversation between the second Ukrainian president (1994-2005), Kuchma, and the ex-governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yuschenko, which was allegedly recorded on August 25, 1999, ahead of presidential elections.

During the conversation, Kuchma allegedly persuaded Yuschenko to put UAH 1 billion into circulation, without which it would have been impossible for Kuchma to win the election. Yuschenko allegedly did not want to take this step, understanding the effects of inflation, but Kuchma managed to persuade him, offering the post of prime minister.

In this connection, Melnychenko asked the Prosecutor General's Office to institute criminal proceedings against Kuchma and Yuschenko. At the same time, he submitted a disk with a recording of the conversation.

The ex-major expects the Prosecutor General's Office to order the Control and Revision Office to conduct checks on whether the money was issued and what damage was caused to the state.


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