Ukraine will fill its own internal market with agricultural products, President Viktor Yanukovych said while visiting the construction of a logistics center for storing fresh fruits and vegetables in Kakhovka. "Very soon the time will come, when the Ukrainian market is filled with domestic products, some part of which we export," he said. 

The construction of the logistics center Viktor Yanukovych has called another example of modernization of the country proceeding. "The whole Ukraine will be being built and rebuilt in that way,” President Yanukovych said. 

"This storage facility is a component of the logistics system we must build in the Kherson region, and which will create conditions for growing the crop, storing it and selling it," the President of Ukraine added. He stressed that in this way will create a "full production cycle from the preparation of quality seeds up to the cultivation of final top-quality products." 

The President called the project a good example of successful public-private partnership. "The chosen path is correct. All we need is will and coordinated work of all the participants in this process, both the government and the entrepreneurs," Viktor Yanukovych stressed. 

According to Viktor Yanukovych, the progress he saw during his today’s visit to the Kherson region give hope that it has great future. “If we pursue the policy of development, economic growth, improvement of people’s life year after year, it certainly will make the region flourish," the President of Ukraine said.


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