Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has reassured that Ukraine is not facing financial turmoil and stability of the national currency will be provided, he was speaking Wednesday at the Cabinet of Ministers meeting in Kyiv.

"There will be no financial turmoil in Ukraine, despite the intentions of some politicians to deliberately stir up anxious moods in the society. The government, together with the National Bank of Ukraine, strongly keeps the developments under control. Ukrainian citizens and businesses can count on financial stability in Ukraine, the stability of the currency. We have resources and economic potential, which will ensure the stability of the hryvnia, even at the stage of the crisis," Azarov emphasized, UKRINFORM reported.

At the same time, the prime minister said that the events surrounding the U.S. government debt, whose increase could lead to default, are forcing Ukraine to be wary of foreign loans of the world issuing center, which the United States still remains.

"That is why the goal of our economic policy is to fully provide the domestic market with domestic goods, which are produced by the domestic advanced technology. That is, the government will implement a policy of self-reliance, a policy of national investment and innovation development," Azarov underscored.

He also noted there are no the economic justification for price increases for bread, sugar, meat, vegetables.

Azarov also said he ordered the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food on a daily basis to monitor the situation on the market of agricultural products and prevent the seasonal price fluctuations and speculations

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