Reports about the introduction by Ukraine of a ban on the import of vegetables from the EU are untrue, according to the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service and the State Service for Plant Quarantine.

"Controls over European vegetables were strengthened in June, and a respective decision was taken by the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry due to an outbreak of intestinal infection in the EU countries. Under this decision, Ukraine has currently tightened the inspection of all types of vegetables imported from the EU," according to the services.

They said that it had been demanded that importers provide on the border the documents confirming that vegetables have undergone E. coli tests. If such tests were not conducted in the country from which vegetables are supplied, then they could be conducted by national phytosanitary laboratories accredited for this work.

"The respective authorities received no additional instructions from the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry either last week or today," experts said.

The only ban currently being in effect on Ukrainian territory is a ban on the import of beans from Egypt, which was introduced under a decision of July 7, 2011. Earlier, under a decision of June 15, 2011, a ban was introduced on the import of beans from the EU.

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