Changes to the 2011 Budget adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday allow increasing the salaries of teachers and doctors, President Viktor Yanukovych said today at a meeting with the Vinnytsya region local authorities. "We will raise salaries to teachers and doctors by 300-350 hryvnias," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President added that a part of the money allowed for in the budget alterations will be used to complete abandoned constructions. "These are hospitals and school, various facilities of social infrastructure,” the President said.

The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, has introduced amendments to the state budget for 2011.

The amendments are aimed at improving the situation in the budget and social spheres.

In particular, it is expected to increase wages for public sector employees by 12.6%, the wages of teachers by UAH 340 and the wages of doctors by UAH 300. An additional UAH 1.6 billion was sent for these purposes, and UAH 2.3 billion was allocated for social protection (UAH 7.97 / USD 1).

In general, it is planned to increase revenues in the state budget for 2011 by UAH 14.047 billion, to UAH 299.12 billion, and expenditures by UAH 11.448 billion, to UAH 336.977 billion. The Cabinet of Ministers also proposed increasing the revenues of the general fund of the state budget for 2011 from UAH 239.63 billion to UAH 253.136 billion, and the revenues of the special fund from UAH 45.442 billion to UAH 45.983 billion.

The expenditures of the general fund are to be increased from UAH 280.136 billion to UAH 290.818 billion, while the expenditures of the special fund from UAH 45.393 billion to UAH 46.16 billion.

The state budget deficit is to be reduced from UAH 38.843 billion to UAH 35.343 billion.

Positive trends were seen in the Ukrainian economy in January-April 2011, which gave the government a chance to revise macroeconomic figures for 2011, and, in particular, to improve the forecast for GDP growth from 4.5% to 4.7%.

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