Supervisory authorities must check public utility tariffs for fairness and reasonability, President Viktor Yanukovych said at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet today. 

"We must get supervisory authorities involved in this question today. No one will be paying by the costs drawn out of thin air anymore. We must reach the real costs on all directions. There is enough work for all supervisory authorities in that field," he said. President Yanukovych has once again stressed that the issue must be approached systemically, and kept under constant control. 

The President also emphasized that the Government must submit all the legislative acts necessary today to solve the problem of pricing in the area of public utilities. 

He expressed hope that during today's Cabinet meeting, its participants, the Prime Minister, will not just talk about whom to blame and "why have we not achieved such-and-such successes". Instead, the President believes, it is necessary to answer the question what has to be done to improve the situation in the public utility area. "How do we approach this issue, how do we use modern experience and technology, who will assume responsibility and become a leader in these matters?" Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President believes that initiatives of regional and local authorities in this area should be dedicated special attention to. In this regard, he drew particular attention to Kyiv. Addressing Mykola Azarov, Viktor Yanukovych suggested making the capital a base region, where pilot projects to optimize the area of public utilities could be worked out.

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