"On that day, together with the whole world, Ukraine honors the memory of innocent people massacred behind the barbed wire of Nazi concentration camps.

Millions of our countrymen suffered unspeakable horrors of Nazi captivity, thousands of them died in the terrible Nazi factories of death, never seeing their liberators," president Viktor Yanukovych said in his address on International Day of Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camp Prisoners.

"The Ukrainian people will never forget this tragedy.

We still do not know all the names and places of burial of the numerous people killed by the hands of Nazi torturers. Naming them is our sacred duty.

We honor those who survived, having endured the most terrible ordeals. They have walked the path of their life with dignity, making a significant contribution into the formation of independent Ukraine.

That is why I think that one of the priorities of the Ukrainian authorities is properly addressing daily needs and spiritual interests of the elderly. Central and local executive bodies’ work, and local authorities’ efforts should be aimed at improving the lives of these brave people," presidential press office cited Yanukovych.


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