A strategy for the development of the Ukrainian capital until 2025 will be created by The Boston Consulting Group, which previously outlined similar strategies for St. Petersburg, Budapest and New York.

The strategy will focuse on the development of infrastructure of the city, turning it into a major business center of Eastern Europe, as well as on attraction of tourists, according to the newspaper Segodnya.

The program will be developed by the Day of Kyiv in late May. The project will be financed by Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation for Effective Governance, and created in conjunction with the Kyiv City State Administration and Public Council, which includes metropolitan officials, experts, journalists and businessmen, UKRINFORM reported.

On February 28, the Council convened its first meeting. At first, consultants from The Boston Consulting Group said that Kyiv has a huge potential for growth, but it is now almost never used, as confirmed by the low positions in international city rankings. It is planned to discuss the issue in the coming months.

First of all, Kyiv should use its position as a "mediator" between Russia and Europe. "We already host many international conferences. In fact, both the Russians and Europeans may come to us without a visa. But to become a really attractive place, we need a business friendly climate," Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, Raiffeisen Bank Aval CEO, said.

The second point is tourism. The fact that Kyiv has a great potential was mentioned by almost everyone. But it is needed to finalize things. In particular, it is necessary to stage events that would make the capital of Ukraine a noticeable phenomenon in the tourist market of the world.

"I do not really believe that we can boost production or research. But making the city famous at the expense of major events of culture is possible and fairly easy," says Vlad Troitsky, who organized GogolFest.

The third point is the development of infrastructure, which is already unable to cope with the metropolitan role of Kyiv. Infrastructure, both engineering and transport, is the target. Unless the city is made comfortable for the life of Kyivans, nothing will work, according to the chief architect of the city, Serhiy Tselovalnyk.

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