On March 1, the procedure begins for selling tickets to the matches of the UEFA 2012 European Football Championship. Given the great excitement around the pass to the stadiums, 1.4 million tickets will be played up on the principle of an independent lottery. This was stated by the tournament director in Ukraine, Markiyan Lubkivsky, UKRINFORM reported.

As reported by Information Center of Ukraine-2012, according to Lubkivsky, from the experience of Austria and Switzerland during EURO 2008, where competition for the purchase of passes was 1:10, the demand for EURO 2012 will be no less.

He recalled that today, everyone can register at the site of UEFA, and get information on tickets for the matches of EURO 2012. Lubkivsky also noted that ticket prices for all are the same, they have already been determined, but will be announced officially on March 1.

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