Traffic along the main street of the Ukrainian capital city is blocked: about three thousand representatives of small and medium-sized businesses are protesting in Independence Square against the Tax Code adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

The protesters are demanding that the President veto the Code, and in case of refusal they threaten to organize a referendum on early termination of powers of the President and Parliament.

The participants in the rally on Independence Square say the protest will be open-ended in the event the power does not respond to their demands to veto the tax code immediately.

According to the protesters, traffic police barred from entering Kyiv 140 buses from different regions carrying those wishing to express their protest to the authorities.

Protection of public order on Maidan was strengthened.

Thousands of other entrepreneurs who have occupied the approaches to the Presidential Administration in Kyiv on Monday delivered their demands to the head of state.

As reported, the new tax code sparked protests of businessmen all over Ukraine. They are convinced that the rules of the new code will destroy small and medium business, and over a million citizens will lose their jobs.

The government has praised the code saying that, on the contrary, it will reduce tax pressure on legitimate businesses and make the illegal ones to get out of the shadow.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy Vitaliy Khomutynnyk, representing the ruling Party of Regions, said earlier that the tax code will help collect to the budget an additional of 11 billion UAH (1 USD - 7.94 UAH).

Meanwhile, the city officials have already begun to install on the Independence Square a plywood podium for the future skating rink, which must open in the coming days.

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