The International Monetary Fund wants the National Bank of Ukraine to practice more volatile hryvnia exchange rate policy, the first deputy head of the NBU, Serhiy Arbuzov, told the press.

According to him, the IMF urges the central bank to be more sensitive to market fluctuations in the hryvnia exchange rate. In addition, Arbuzov said credit emission targets may be changed in the future.

The NBU deputy head also reported that by-capitalization of Ukrainian banks would take 20 billion UAH (1 USD - 7.91 UAH).

"Some banks are in the process (of by-capitalization), everything is going on schedule, there are no concerns about these banks today," Arbuzov said reminding that the timetable for additional capitalization of certain financial institutions was drawn as a result of the stress-test on banks in 2009.

Arbuzov emphasized that "on the issue of by-capitalization of Nadra Bank and recapitalization of other banks where temporary administration was introduced, the NBU is waiting for the government's decision."

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