President Viktor Yanukovych has met with foreign Ambassadors and heads of observer missions. The meeting was dedicated to the October 31 elections to local authorities in Ukraine.

"I am confident that both central and regional authorities will do everything to ensure that these elections are conducted fairly, transparently and democratically. We are interested in this," said Viktor Yanukovych, presidential press office informs.

"I warned the officials at all levels, that if they allow any violations during the elections, I will take very strong measures," he said.

In his speech the President stressed the importance of the upcoming election for our country. "These elections are very important given that the budgetary year is ending, the Parliament is working on the Tax Code, which in fact, is a tax reform. We have set ourselves the task to conduct this reform this year and adopt the new budget based on the new Tax Code.

These elections are also very important in terms of consolidation of government in Ukraine, because presidential election was held this year, the majority was formed in the Parliament, the reforms have started in the country, and in the basis of all these actions is the program of President Yanukovych, which was supported by the Ukrainian people," he said.

“It is important that politicians, who will be elected in the local elections, met the mood of the society," the President said.

Realization of most reforms, being conducted in the country, is held in the regions, so it is important that there was no blockage or confrontation at the level of local authorities," Viktor Yanukovych said.

"Realization of any reforms is associated with the organizational work. But all the organizational work is entrusted to the regional level of government.

Therefore, future administrative reform that would bring local authorities in order is very important. And while it is not implemented yet, and we do not know yet when it will be, it is very important that local authorities worked steadily to implement the reforms being conducted in Ukraine.

You also see that the fight against corruption and reforming of the regulatory policy in the country cause opposition in the officials, who seek support of different political parties. Bureaucracy is ready to spend money in order to make resistance. So, very often, political struggle is only the attempts to shield corruption and protect bureaucracy," he said.

"This system is an obstacle to any reform. So I would like some, I would say populist, adventurous actions of certain political parties, to be seen from this angle. These actions are not aimed at development of the country and tackling the economic crisis. They are meant to keep the state in chaos, disorder, and corruption," he said.

Viktor Yanukovych has dedicated special attention to the issue of freedom of speech in Ukraine. "I see no difference between TV or newspapers of now and those of the last five years, ... Politicians of different parties are on TV just as before. Would you give me at least one example that things have changed?

Why is there the issue of freedom of speech in Ukraine? Is there a general warning? I would say: yes, there is. And are there examples that freedom of speech is suppressed in Ukraine? I would say: no. If you have such information, please give it to me. For me, as President, it is the question of principle, because I have advocated and advocate the principles of democracy and democratic processes in Ukraine," Viktor Yanukovych reassured.

He also stressed that recently he had many meetings and consultations at various levels on the subject of upcoming elections.

The President stressed that he had appealed to the Central Election Commission to dedicate sufficient attention to the organization and lawful conduct of the electoral process.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, he is also confident that the judicial authorities will firmly stand to protect rights and freedoms during the electoral process.

"I have also clearly explained my position to law enforcement agencies, which should be responsible by the law for preventing violations of the law. I have explained clearly my position to the leadership of the Party of Regions," he said.

"My position is simple – I want free, fair and transparent elections," President Yanukovych said.

"I am confident that these elections will be successful, although other estimates are voiced. Those political parties that lost the trust of voters are trying to find different arguments. They are looking for an excuse for losing this election in advance – that is what sociology shows. But I would like to remind that there is no country in the world where there would be no struggle and politicians would not pursue their political interests. Struggle is a completely natural process. But it is very important that the elections – on the voting day, during the vote count – were transparent and democratic," Viktor Yanukovych said.

Addressing the audience, the President asked them that while making evaluation of these elections they took into account that they are very complex – more complex than those presidential or parliamentary. Unlike previous elections, those current are a complex system of multilevel independent types of elections. There is no region, where the election would be the same. Everything is different – parties and candidates participating in the elections, their numbers and so on.

The President noted that many parties are taking part in the elections and not only those national, but also small local parties.

For example, in Ternopil, which is a relatively small city, there are 1000 candidates nominated from constituencies, and 42 parties compete for a place in the city council.

"And there will be will be nearly 24 thousand of this and other types of elections in Ukraine on October 31.

The large number of elections held simultaneously, and their independence from one another make systematic administrative pressure, centralized abuse or interference in the process impossible.

Certainly, there will be some technical flaws in the process of organizing and holding the elections. There are flaws caused by the imperfection of our electoral legislation. But the elections will take place. They are badly needed. Right after the election, we will start working on our electoral legislation, consider and approve a number of necessary laws with the help of international experts and gather them in one Electoral Code," Viktor Yanukovych said.

The President said that his biggest concern during this election are possible provocations. "If specially trained groups of provocateurs do not work, there will be no problems. But I believe that observers will identify real provocations.

I am sure that international observers will not make biased conclusions. So I appeal to you, that you took part in the process of monitoring and evaluation of the election. I hope that immediately after the elections, together with international experts, we will participate in drafting laws on elections that meet all Western democratic standards and would be used for all future elections in Ukraine,” Viktor Yanukovych said.

"I also consider these local elections an opportunity to conduct reform and end the chaos," summed up the President.


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