President Viktor Yanukovych has called the Great Famine (Holodomor) a targeted crime of Stalin's regime, he said this at a news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday, UKRINFORM reported.

"This is a terrible event in the history of the Ukrainian people, in the history of Ukraine's neighboring peoples - Belarusians, Russians and Kazakhs. It was really a targeted crime against own people," Yanukovych stressed.

The president stressed that in the years of famine many people were killed. "These were our ancestors, these were people lost by their country, lost by their families, and this memory for a modern society remains holy," he emphasized.

"We will always condemn the regime of Stalin, who committed this crime," the head of state said.

According to various estimates an artificial famine (Holodomor) organized by the totalitarian Stalinist regime through the confiscation of food from peasants in the early 1930s claimed the lives of seven to ten million Ukrainians.

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