Ukraine will present a national model to combat corruption in courts. For this purpose, the Ukrainian delegation involving representatives of the Ministry of Justice has left for Belgrade, Serbia, to attend the Regional Conference entitled "Fight against Corruption and Ethics in the Judiciary, the ministry press service reported.

According to Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych, evaluation and comments of international experts are planned to be used for the preparation of proposals for future actions to reform anti-corruption system in Ukraine in line with international standards, as well as the experience of participating countries regarding the internal control in the judicial system in practical implementation of new legislation on the judicial system.

In addition, the minister noted that Ukrainian experts are planning to get acquainted with the practice of countering corruption in the judicial systems of the participating countries. Of particular interest is a professional opinion about the functioning of the systems for preventing and combating corruption, the features of global and regional initiatives to overcome corruption.

The Ukrainian delegation is also planning to take part in discussions on the practical use by the countries of the UN Convention against Corruption, the experience of the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative, collaboration with UN Office on Drugs and Crime, etc.

The conference of international experts on the fight against corruption is held at the initiative of the Government of France and will run until October 13, 2010

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