The only reforms being carried out in Ukraine are aimed at increasing the current president’s powers, says Yulia Tymoshenko, BYuT press office reports.

"The law on the Cabinet of Ministers that was adopted in parliament isn’t just a law on the Cabinet of Ministers. In included amendments to 32 active laws, and all 32 laws were changed so as to increase President Yanukovych’s powers even more than under Kuchma’s Constitution. This means that he’s continuing with one reform – gaining personal power. And this reform is in full swing," Yulia Tymoshenko said in an interview on Channel 5.

She said that the most important thing for the public to pay attention to at the moment isn’t how individual members of BYuT vote, but how the government behaves. "The fact that four people in our faction voted for this…You know very well that today people are being broken, repressed, and subject to criminal investigations. Perhaps some of the people simply couldn’t handle it. We will come to the bottom of this during the faction meeting on Monday."

"I think that our team, which has already weeded out some people, it becoming more effective. And as for the additional powers that Yanukovych is assuming – I have one question: why does he need these powers and what does he plan to do with them? So far we see that these extraordinary powers that he has, which no other president of this country has had, are being used to enrich people in his circle and totally impoverish and deprive the rest of the Ukrainian community of its rights and freedoms."

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